I don’t know if you remember me but this is a belated “Thank You” for giving me the road skills and confidence to pass my Mod 2 test first time way back in April. The instruction is fantastic, ironing out all of the rubbish I had been taught in a couple of lessons (from a local second rate training school that I unfortunately choose to go with before I found Coggers). I finally got my first big bike; a Honda CBR600F .

Thanks Coggers.

Stewart Hale 

Hi Jo and Ken,

If Carlsberg did motorcycle training it would be called Coggers.

Thanks for everything. From CBT through Direct access you made everything so easy. Patient and understanding my training was excellent. No matter what you were always there, most of my time spent riding and not in cafes like some people i know who used other trainers. You two are amazing.

Carl Guest

Hi Jo and Ken

21e17d8fa90Just to say thank you for the advice, practical help and encouragement you gave me which got me through the motorcycle test.
You gave me the confidence to go the “Direct Access” route – it must have been a leap of faith on your part, letting a 60 year old loose on one of your bikes. I might have got my bus pass before I passed my test, but it was worth it. Learning to ride was the hardest thing I have ever taken on, but we had some laughs along the way and if you ever need a reference I would recommend you to anyone of any age who wants to learn to ride.

Karen Turton

I would just like to thank Ken and Jo for helping get through my motorcycle test excellent training from both would and will recommend them to anyone who is thinking of doing their test .

Thank you

Paul Smith

To whom it may concern.

I’d never ridden a motorcycle before my CBT test and it was with very limited experience that I booked into a Direct Access Scheme with Coggers Training. I can say without hesitation that they are very professional and can teach the necessary skills in a competent and easily understood way. I also found then to be competitively priced and their knowledge about Motorcycles seems to be unlimited.

I shall be Sixty in December and if they can get me to pass the DAS, the younger generation should have no problems learning with Coggers Training.

Dave Brownsword (Deauville Man)

Hi Jo & Ken

f421e2519a9aWell what can I say, from having no experience on a bike at all to passing my CBT and then my DAS module 1 & 2 on the same day took some doing but I did it. It’s all down to Jo and Ken with their fantastic tuition
and experience.

I have to say to anyone reading this and your thinking of doing your CBT or DAS then look no further than Coggers, they make you feel at ease and will go that extra mile to get you through your test. You will never be without a cuppa and the odd biscuit or two… and not forgetting Ken’s jokes!!!…..lol

Anyway I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have both done for me for getting me through my CBT and DAS, I still can’t believe I did it all in less than a month!!!

All the best Adam

Hi Jo and Ken

Just wanted to drop you a quick thank you note for seeing me through the bike tests right from the CBT at the beginning of June to passing the Module 2 on Monday. (Shame I had the two week holiday in the middle).

As you know, when I came on the CBT I was a returning biker with a 25 year gap. I honestly thought I could ride well and going through the tests would be straightforward. I hadn’t realised that the tests were so different and demanding. Your training is what got me through it.

Thanks to you guys I’m now a real rider and ten time better than I was when we first met. You’ll probably remember that 3 of my mates in Ashby have also been through DAS and I know from talking to them that their trainers weren’t a patch on Coggers.

Thanks again Jo and Ken, hope to see you on the road soon.

PS. I’ve spent around 11 hours on the Moto Guzzi since Monday and Ken will be surprised to hear that it hasn’t broken down once. (Although it has developed a small oil leak!!!)

Derek Gralewski

Jo and Ken,

87d29bae83d2After six years of being away from motorcycles (CBT expired!) I was fairly nervous of getting back in the riding saddle. Your patient and understanding approach made me feel at ease right away and dispelled
almost all of my nerves. I chose Coggers for my training after being shunned (or rather ignored altogether) by local training centers so was prepared to travel from Tamworth to Cannock. I am so glad that I came to you guys and can say all my thanks for getting me ready to pass my test.

Possibly the biggest influence was the new fleet of motorbikes compared to the wrecks that I’ve seen other places use. I would recommend Coggers to anybody thinking of getting into motorcycling for the first time, or even those riders with some experience like myself.

All the best


To Ken and Jo,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your training and support on getting me through my test, for anyone reading this I can only say choose these for your training. They are top quality and easy going with a really great sense of humour as well as being professional in their work.

I am now fully licensed and I’m already enjoying my bike and the freedom of two wheels. So for anyone considering Coggers why wait, you’ve already found the best trainers for your motorcycle needs. So many thanks once again and I know your business will do very well.

Best regards,

Chris Wallace

Jo & Ken

I never believed that I would have the time to complete my CBT, Direct Access training and the Module 1 & 2 practical examinations in the limited time I had to squeeze it in.

Both of you were very accommodating, professional and vivacious. It was a bonus to be trained by people that aim the training at the level of the individual.

I had a great time and without your dedication and support I certainly would not have passed 1st time.

Thanks very much for a truly enjoyable learning experience.

Brenda Berry

acac62e57e03Hello you two. Perhaps you may like another testimonial. Hope so? Anyway to get to the point, anyone reading this please don’t hesitate about going to see Ken and Jo to have a chat and more importantly get yer Bum on one of the many luvly bikes they have and try out the feel of it. Ken and Jo want you to feel at ease and fit the bike comfortably and Ken even swapped seats for me, put me lower to the ground, i think cause of my Big Ears lol. I’m 63 now and rode bikes in the late 60’s-70’s but never passed me test (Nawty Boy !).

Born again biker i am and got me a nice old Triumph so i thought I had better pass me test this time round! Ken and Jo got me through it and you can feel very confident of having very good training and very friendly people around you. Lorra cups of tea as well. Thanks Ken and Jo.

All the best from Graham.

Jo & Ken

Well what can i say, I never dreamed that I would be able to get on a motorbike let alone PASS. I would like to say thank you for the help and encouragement you gave me which got me through the motorcycle test. Learning to ride was the hardest thing I have ever done given my circumstances, but i did.

Although you have lost your coffee maker I will definitely be coming to visit on my BIKE lol. For anyone who is wanting to ride a bike I will HIGHLY recommend that they contact yourselves. Highly professional with the added bonus of a comedy along the way.

Thank you so much you have made my experience a memorable one and that’s for sure.

All the best


fea6dac1f53Hi Jo, Ken, Paul, Kevin and all the others,

Just to say a big thank you to you all for your help and patience with me in taking me through my CBT and Direct Access Courses. You made me feel welcome and part of a unique family whilst I was in your care. The relaxed and fun atmosphere is the perfect combination that helped with my courses and tests. It is a great credit to you all that you can take a complete novice like myself, who had never even sat on a motorcycle and in in an extremely short period of time have me riding with confidence and competence and passing the test first time.

My message to anyone who wishes to learn to ride a motorcycle to an extremely high standard would be to give you guys a call first before even considering any other motorcycle training school.

You are a credit to your profession.

Ian Durrant

P.S. Can I come back and do the Advanced course please! Take Care. Hope to see you all soon.

Hi Jo, Ken & Paul

I would like to say a massive thank you for a great, relaxed experience within your training school.

Passed mod 1 & 2 on the same day even though I went the wrong way (twice, which way to Burton???)

Would recommend anyone to phone you lot first.


Paul Kavanagh

wpa3b956d7_05_06Hi Jo and Ken,

As I said changed my Facebook profile picture and here it is if you want to put in on your web site feel free.


Big thank you to Jo and Ken for helping me pass my Mod 1 and 2 today.

You guys were ace!!

Martyn Collins

Jo, Paul and Ken,

I came to you with recommendation from a friend who passed with yourselves with no minors on either module (for DAS) then three weeks later I passed both of my modules with only one minor across the both of them.

The training exceeded my expectations as it was thorough and drummed into me until I got it right, the fleet of bikes you have at your disposal are great and there is one to easily suit most people and the company with your crew of instructors is really great and a good laugh and they really made the weekend training enjoyable.

I am currently doing my advanced with you and I am still learning loads and I look forward to coming back at the end of September to finish it.

To be honest on any given Sunday I would pay just to go down and hire one of the bikes and ride round with them for the day.

Keep up what you do best guys! 🙂

Thanks again – Mart

Big thanks to Ken and Jo for getting me through my Mod 1 and Mod 2 today. Will recommend you to anyone who wants motorcycle training and will definitely be back for some more tuition in the near future.

Chris Webb

wp8db38078_05_06Hi Jo, Ken and the rest of the team,

Have been meaning to send this since passing my test last September but want to say a huge thanks to everyone there, Paul for my CBT training and Kev for the Mod 1&2 training – passed both mods same day and have been enjoying the bike I said I had no intention of buying since then !! I’ve been recommending lots of people to you, telling them no need to look elsewhere.


Richard Banks

Massive thanks to Jo and Ken for getting me through my Mod1 and 2! It’s been a brilliant experience and you have all been amazing! Xx

Joanne Cadman

To Jo and Ken

I would like to extend a very special thank you to you both and not forgetting Paul and Kev for the excellent training I received during my DAS and the success it brought.

To those who will read this, Coggers training is exemplary, the time, patience and attitude of those who I worked with to give me the skills to be a conscious and safe rider were fantastic and we had a good laugh along the way.

I was not experienced at all when I came to begin training with Coggers but the from the moment I went from neutral to first I was in a supportive, comfortable and enjoyable environment which inevitably led to success.

Thank you to all of you for the experience and I will hopefully see you on the road.


wp26b67dbb_05_06Hi Jo and Ken

I just wanted to put on record my appreciation to both of you and Kev for getting me through my bike tests in July and August. As a cautious ‘mature’ student I chose Coggers after seeing the web site testimonials. They proved to be accurate and I found that the quality of the teaching, delivered with plenty of fun made me a better rider than I thought possible.

I’m now on the road with my old bikes. Thanks for everything.


Hi Jo,

I just wanted to say thank you, to you Kev and Ken for helping me though my test. I had a brill time and I felt nicely prepared when it came time to take both tests and my standard of riding has much improved.

I’ll obviously recommend you to anyone I talk to about learning to ride and I’ll keep in touch as I am hoping Ken will be able to work on my bikes.

All the best and thanks for everything


wpd0724fe1_05_06Hi Jo,

Just a note to say thank you once again, to both of you. From being nervous Saturday morning having last ridden 20+ years ago, to passed on Monday morning,  it’s all down to the correct training and confidence building. Ken gave me bucketfuls of both and I can’t thank him enough. Ken gave me good clear instruction, time and patience,  and re-runs!! 🙂

As you know I passed my CBT with another company so I can say from experience, training schools can be poles apart……..

I will recommend Coggers to everyone and the other company to no one!!

Being a company owner myself I appreciate the hard work you are both putting in to making a successful company. You run a very professional outfit and I wish you every success for the future.

Pete Mail

Hi Jo,

I just wanted to say thank you, to you Kev and Ken for helping me though my test. I had a brill time and I felt nicely prepared when it came time to take both tests and my standard of riding has much improved.

I’ll obviously recommend you to anyone I talk to about learning to ride and I’ll keep in touch as I am hoping Ken will be able to work on my bikes.

All the best and thanks for everything.


wp12cd759a_05_06I had a fantastic time with these people,very patient, enthusiastic, did I mention very patient, awful jokes and wait till you here the singing…..LORDY!!!!!

All that aside, if you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran then get on the phone, email, carrier pigeon, send ya Gran round, just get in touch with these folks first as you will not need or want to go elsewhere. They are most definitely the BEST.

wp9b14e9ca_05_06Just wanted to share with all future bikers out there that Jo and Ken are in a totally different class.

If you are looking for the complete learning experience that will make you a safe and happy rider then go to these guys. I tried another bike school before them and wasted a lot of money and my confidence dropped to zero. Jo and Ken helped rebuild me so it became a matter of when I passed and not if. They brought the fun back into it as well.

< This is me with my MT07 – enjoying every moment!