Instructor Training

We provide ongoing training over a period of 6 months. This course enables study and practice at a steady rate and is designed for people who have never conducted or been actively involved in CBT. The course will be conducted over three days per week (to be arranged) and will consist of one study day and two training days. Your study day will consist of learning integral parts of elements set by your instructor. One days training will be watching/putting this element into practice. The third training day will be watching at a supervisory level and giving debrief. All courses are tailored to the individuals needs as everyone will have different learning rates.

CBT1 – Requirements

  1. Minimum 21 years old
  2. Full Licence 3 Years+
  3. Clean Driving Licence (call to discuss if you have any penalty points)

CBT Elements

  1. Introduction to CBT
  2. Practical on-site training
  3. Practical on-site riding
  4. Practical on-road training
  5. Practical on-road riding


Once training has been completed you will attend The Driving Standard Agency (DSA) Training and Development centre in Cardington, Bedfordshire. You will undergo a two day assessment to gain your CBT1. Whilst we will try and endeavour to get you ready for Cardington, we cannot guarantee a pass. This will be down to hard study on the individual’s part. Some courses may need to be extended.

After you have gained your CBT1 qualification, you can continue to train as a DAS Instructor. This is a half day course at the Driving Standards Agency Training and Development Centre in Cardington, Bedfordshire. The DAS qualification will enable to progress people from a 125cc to the 500cc machines and includes the following course constituents:

  1. DAS Start – Familiarisation with the larger capacity machine
  2. Preset Tests to help the new rider overcome handling and riding problems on-site
  3. Learning the 12 Preset Tests (As three will be set for you at Cardington)